9 Downsell Campaign Offers To Get Abandoned Shopping Cart Contacts To Buy From You

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Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem that leads to lost ecommerce sales.

Shopping cart abandonment occurs when a potential customer begins the process of purchasing a product or service online, but then abandons it before purchasing.

Shopping cart abandonment can reach 80 percent. In a Barilliance study, shopping cart abandonment rates were 77.24% in 2016 and 78.65% in 2017. That’s more than three-quarters of consumers who land on the shopping cart. The rate exceeds 80 percent among mobile users.

There are many reasons why consumers abandon shopping carts. Unexpected shipping rates, long and confusing process, too many clicks and pages, plus errors and website crashes.

However, all is not lost if you have a sales campaign. In fact, a top-down campaign with good sales deals can help you recoup this lost revenue and get the consumer to buy again.

A top-down sales campaign occurs after a potential customer abandons a shopping cart or order page. This is a series of emails, each with a link to a different landing page with a new offer. This new offering meets the customer’s needs and wants while reducing their perceived risk. In some cases, it reduces the price of a product or service.

While you can have reduced sale offers for all types of contacts, they are better used to convert a potential customer to a new customer than an established customer. That’s because some clients will take advantage of your strategy, causing you to lose profit.

Here are 9 sales offers from reduced sales campaigns that you can present to consumers who abandon their shopping cart.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. # 1: free trial offer

A free trial sale offer reduces the perceived risk of buying. It allows the customer to experience the benefits of the product or service. Then when the trial period ends, you charge your credit card if you didn’t cancel previously. The two drawbacks are NOT receiving payment in advance and the possible loss of sale if the customer cancels. At least you have them back to prove it.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. # 2: offer the same product at the same price and add a bonus

Adding a bonus to your offer increases the value of the deal. The customer may feel that they are getting more out of you, so your perceived value is higher. The thing is, you can get creative with the types of bonuses you offer. It can involve a complementary product or service, a consultation, an educational product, or an event.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. 3: offer the same product or service in a smaller quantity

By offering the same product in a smaller quantity, such as size, the customer gains by getting what they want for a lower cost. You earn by winning a customer and reducing the amount you give for a lower price so that you can make a profit. This strategy allows you to develop a loyal customer instead of losing it entirely.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. 4: coupon for the next offer

Offer a coupon for their NEXT purchase if they buy now. For example, if you have an eBook that sells for $ 30, offer the contact a 10% discount on the next purchase of any product if they buy the eBook for $ 30 now. You take little risk because you get the full price for the first sale of the product.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. 5: offer the same product for less in an immediate trade-in

You can offer the same product at a lower cost. But with a twist that they must accept your offer now or it expires. The customer wins by getting a better deal. You win with a new client. You will make a profit by selling to the customer in the future.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. # 6: offer the same product with discount plus bonus

Here you give them two things that they did not have before. First, they get a discount on the same product. Plus, they get a free gift. The customer makes a double profit. Greater value at a lower price. You win if you get a happy customer who can buy back from you. If your offer to sell is a digital product voucher, then there are no additional out-of-pocket costs after the first creative fee.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. 7: offer a different product or service at a lower amount

You could have an offer to sell for a different but less expensive product that can satisfy the customer. The customer wins by obtaining a product at a lower cost. You win by getting the customer.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. 8: FREE shipping

FREE shipping is a cost savings for the customer if you sell a physical product. The shipping cost is an expense that can offset your tax liability. The advantage is that you get a customer with potential for future sales and repeat orders. Shipping costs are among the top reasons shopping carts get abandoned. A sale offer with FREE shipping can make the customer buy.

Sales reduction campaign strategy n. # 9: double the offer plus a bonus

This strategy attracts customers who want higher value, rather than a lower price. Not all prospects shy away from an initial offer because the price is higher than they want to spend. Some prospects have money, but they want more value. Doubling what you sell, or increasing the quantity, can increase the customer’s perceived value. When you add a bonus on top, they see that they get more than they offered the first time.

In short, an abandoned shopping cart is very common in e-commerce. But you can win back some of these lost sales with a compelling sales offer that gets these contacts to buy again.

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