A guide to renting student accommodation in Edinburgh

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“Want to go to the “”corruption”” study abroad have a good journey, the first to do is to rent student apartments. In order to prevent the students cheated, here will come good in a foreign land to share some related practical guide about student accommodation Edinburgh.

Edinburgh student accommodation 1 don’t accept the deposit. Some owners look very good, don’t the tenant to pay the deposit, but must provide guarantee (Guarantor). The bond at the end of the lease contract is likely to be adverse to the tenant, the landlord in the terms of the guarantee for the tenant to pay a lot of, in fact, there is no need to maintenance.

Edinburgh student accommodation 2 tear up the receipt. Some cheats the landlord will let tenants through money transfer service to give them some farm, such as bank of western union money transfer service, with tenant says this is to confirm that will rent the house is the best proof. Then the owner would want asks the guest to a transfer receipt, and then take the money by the transfer of information and then disappear.

3 unprotected deposit. Some “”dirty”” landlord to avoid the tenant rent to a rented apartment deposit plan management students, they buckle the money so that at the end of the contract to skimp on. Although government in April 2007, the introduction of renting student apartment Deposit Protection Scheme (Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme), but Shelter said to deduct the Deposit is the main problem facing many tenants, and one 5 of a quarter of the landlord tenant know nothing about this plan. Students studying in the UK to rent apartments to be careful.

A guide to renting student accommodation in Edinburgh

4 hidden fees. A lot of money in the tenants themselves unwittingly in Australia, such as lease check fees (Tenancy Inspection), homeowners forget to tell the tenant and a fee, so it makes a lot of tenants liabilities immediately.

5 rooms available set of money. Some cheats the landlord tried to knock on no one is living in the empty house, and recommend to the trustful customer said this is their house, such as tenants rolled the deposit made after money away.

For students studying in the UK, although some of the landlord money for UK law may not be a crime of fraud, but for Chinese students is not so rich in hand, is a lot of effort. When students study in Britain rented apartment so must pay attention, formal channel choice rented apartment students, if encountered were tricked into at the same time, also can go to the local Shelter site complaint.

If you have any questions about student accommodation in Edinburgh, welcome to call the small house, we will arrange professional consultant for you to do detailed answer seriously.

Edinburgh student accommodation related guidelines”

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