Attract women like a gentleman with "Bad boy attitude"

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Have you ever wondered why women find “bad guys” so reckless?

irresistibly attractive? The type of man who shows little respect for women, only cares about himself and displays an unpleasant attitude towards society in general. The kind of boy that every father and mother used to warn their daughters against since they started dating as children?

When I started in the game, learning to flirt with women, like many other “nice” guys, I hated bad guys because they always had all the girls. I treated women with respect, sensitivity, and kindness, giving them my shoulder to cry on when they needed someone to talk to, and what would they say to me when I asked them out? “Oh I really like you a lot and you are the nicest guy I have ever met, but I think it will be better for us to continue to be JUST FRIENDS.” And the next day, she starts dating another bad boy.

So I started to learn the specific things the bad boy did to make women so incredibly attracted to him. The good news: you don’t have to be a bad boy to attract women. You just need to understand how to show the same “attitude” that the bad boy has to get the same response from women. In other words, to get the same results you need to “act” like a bad boy, but you must still be a good boy under acting.

The question then is how can you act like a bad boy without actually being a bad boy. The best way I have found to do this is to “say” things that are playfully “arrogant” and at the same time be nice to your “actions.”

Imagine a situation where you open the door to a girl (such as a

gentleman) while on a date. Now when you open the door, you are

doing a nice and chivalrous “act”. When the girl says thank you, a good boy would probably reply “You’re welcome.” Now, instead of simply responding “you’re welcome”, the boy could turn that situation into an opportunity to unleash some “bad boy” attraction with the girl.

He might say something like this: “You’re welcome dear … I’m a gentleman and you’re a lady. But I hope you’re not the clumsy type. Because if you fall on our date in those nice high heels, and you want my extra special “rescue the beautiful girl from the floor service”, that will cost you money. And I only accept VISA or MASTERCARD. I may be convinced to accept cash, but only if you ask me very well. “

You should say this with the most sincere smile on your face and the girl would probably laugh if she had the most basic sense of humor. You see, a statement like that, delivered as a joke, is much more interesting, challenging and attractive to the girl than a simple, polite and boring answer like, “You’re welcome.”

Once you understand the underlying psychology, you will know how to represent the “bad boy” attitude in any situation. Naturally, he will start to give off bad boy “vibes” in his dealings with women and as a result, he will become as interesting to them as “real” bad boys. This is just one of hundreds of top secret techniques that I use myself and teach other men to use to easily attract women like a modern ‘Casanova’.

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