Bali Villa Rental: Advantages of Choosing a Private ‘Home Away From Home’ Villa in Bali

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Let’s be honest, hotels can be expensive.

When looking at the travel statistics of tourism in Bali, we see that many people travel in groups or families of 4-6 people that require at least 2-3 rooms at rates that average between $ 100- $ 800 per night depending on your level of quality requirements.

Safe. This gives you a large pool, gym, social interaction, a smile at the front desk, concierge and baggage handlers, there is room service and a clean room to return to at the end of a long day of illustrious shopping and sightseeing. tourist in wonderful Bali.

However, on the other hand. The pool is public and shared. The gym is hardly used. Social interaction consists of screaming children and noisy teenagers. Smiles are impersonal and disappear 9 out of 10 times in the event of any problem. Room service, inconvenience. When a knock on the door accompanied by ‘room service’ wakes you up in time to see the sunrise on a Sunday morning.

If you look at some of the Bali Villa options available, you will notice that there is a wide variety of prices. Most of the time, you will find that when comparing a private Bali villa ‘room by room’ with a comparable hotel, the Villa will be cheaper.

Then there’s the added bonus (depending on who you stay with) that a private villa in Bali allows a luxurious and more personal accommodation experience, tailor-made.

So if you make the right decision, you should expect to be rewarded with the following:

1. Value for money

2. Private pool

3. Unadulterated absolute privacy

4. Excellent on-site staff with 24-hour smiles and an immaculate attitude to make all your wishes and requests come true

5. Excellent on-site staff who can turn off-site as soon as requested

6. Room service that adapts to your own personal plans and time allocation.

7. A solution to each and every one of your problems, and sometimes the landlord comes over if necessary.

8. More space for a fraction of the price with your own kitchen, free WIFI, living space in a real ‘home away from home’ setting

9. With organized tour packages, organized drivers can plan your entire vacation from your private villa in Bali by helpful staff.

10. In chef villa, which can be arranged or provided

The advantages are obvious.

However, with so many Bali villa rental options and the private Bali villa market expanding so rapidly, there are a few things to check and consider to ensure these requirements are met.

Where will you stay?

Bali is exactly 5632.859863 square kilometers or 115 km x 112 km. So while relatively small, the options for where to stay in Bali are extremely diverse.

Here I will cover some of the most popular options.


Kuta is the most densely populated tourist area in Bali. With its nightclubs, bars, brand name surf shops, high-rise hotels, polluted beaches, extremely congested roads, and heavy traffic, “tourism” has made its mark.

While Kuta is an exciting place to stay, the villa rental options won’t be as quiet or ‘private’ as other areas in Bali. Fortunately, one advantage of Bali’s small size is that Kuta is only a 10-15 minute scooter ride away to feed the hunger for a big night out when needed.


– Discos, bars, disco

– Shopping (surf brands)

– Shopping and haggling market.


– Lack of privacy and noise.

– Market vendor intensity

– Contamination

– Traffic


With art markets, dance exhibits, quaint temples, towns and villagers, and some good dining options, Ubud is an extremely laid-back setting where not much can be done. A good place to retire for a few days to collect your thoughts and make peace with nature. Although, for longer stays, a driver is a must, especially if you are looking for excitement. As the travel time from Ubud to Kuta or Seminyak is about 1.5-2 hours by car. So a good option if you just want to relax. Not so much if you are looking for a balance between relaxation and adventure or at least choosing between one or the other.


– Cultural

– Do not worry

– natural


– Travel times and distances

– A little less developed than other areas of Bali.

– Limited purchases

– Limited meals


Seminyak’s atmosphere is much more sophisticated and relaxed than Kuta’s, and the beach in particular is quieter and cleaner. Seminyak is also Bali’s high-end spa and boutique shopping capital. Nowhere is the expansion of Bali more evident in recent years than here. If you have the advantage of choosing a Villa Seminyak rental that is a bit off the main roads, you will enjoy absolute tranquility and peace with just a short walk back to the action. Seminyak offers entire streets of shopping and dining options.


– Relaxed

– cleaner

– Purchases

– Restaurants

– coffees

– Quiet / serene and private


– May be more expensive

– Traffic sometimes

Of the three options covered, a Seminyak villa rental would be the most ideal for a balance of privacy, shopping, dining, spas, excitement, and relaxation, yet still conveniently located in Bali and within easy reach of Kuta.

How much are you going to budget?

How much will you spend on your ‘home away from home’ Bali Villa depends on a few factors, but is not limited to them.

– Rental

– Inclusions

– Bedrooms

– Facilities and services

– Villa quality

With new Bali villa rentals popping up monthly in this ever-expanding market in Bali, you’ll find that a little research will give you an insight. ‘home away from home’ You check all the boxes above for a decent nightly rate.

What to look for


It is important to choose a location that suits your desired experience. So get started with this.

Reviews (2)

Reviews are the building blocks of any successful rental property and give you perspective that no photos or descriptions will provide. Look for consistency between reviews and keep in mind that one or two negative reviews versus a ton of great reviews should not fully take into account general business practice. Any concerns please email the owner and assess how to take based on their response.


They are important to show you what you are getting. Request more if necessary. Look for photos that have been taken honestly and that do not streamline or beautify the Villa rental.


Tax included? Transshipments? Breakfast? Wireless? Mod cons? Service? Portable cribs? Pool fence?

Although this information must be provided on the Bali Villas listing, always check this and ask about anything that is not covered on the listing.


How many employees, what are their working hours, have days off or will they be unavailable?


How many bathrooms? TV in the living room? Kitchen size? Living room size? Pool size? In catering in Villa? How many bathrooms? And so on … You’d be surprised how many times people get burned out by not asking some of these simple questions. Again, while most of this should be covered on the villa rental listing, don’t forget to ask if there’s anything you need to reaffirm or anything that’s not covered.

Optional extras

Are there optional extras available?

Best price

Since the private villa rental market is so competitive, there is nothing wrong with asking for a better price. However, remember that you have a better chance of this happening in low seasons, as Bali Villas usually fill up months in advance for the busier seasons.

Owner details

There is nothing wrong with asking where the owner is from for more quality assurance.


Observing the condition and quality of the Bali Villas furniture will be a good indication of the condition and quality of the Villa itself. It’s also a good way to see if the villa rental style matches yours to create a more harmonious stay in your “home away from home.”

Pool size

2m x 2m does not fit a family of 6

Bed size

A large, luxurious and comfortable bed will be the icing on the cake for your stay.

With this in mind, checking out sites like flipkey and tripadvisor is a great place to start comparing your options for your next stay in Bali at one of the luxuriously private villa rental options available!

However, check out our Seminyak villa rental options at and read our reviews and feel free to ask any questions.

Remember to pack your best pair of swimmers and enjoy beautiful Bali.

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