Barefoot Bandit Arrested But 5 Reasons You’ll Buy A Good Pair Of Shoes

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Authorities finally caught the infamous “barefoot bandit” in the Bahamas… but here are 5 reasons why you’ll buy a good pair of shoes. We all love a good story, and for two years Colton Harris-Moore told us a great story as he managed to become modern folklore with Houdini’s evasion of the authorities. After avoiding the police for over two years, they finally caught the barefoot bandit (yes, he was actually barefoot when he was caught) after a speed boat chase in the Bahamas yesterday.

Although they say that crime does not pay, in this case it is possible. Colton has amassed more than 60,000 Facebook followers in the past two years and it looks like he’ll finally be able to buy himself a nice new pair of shoes. Here are five reasons why:

1. Harris-Moore’s crimes were not violent or serious in nature: While Colton is famous for the sheer nature of his thefts, from stealing $600,000 Cessna planes (and flying them with little aviation experience) to hijacking nearly every vehicle Consumer Reports covers… none of his crimes have been of a nature nature. violent. He has not physically harmed any of his victims. This has greatly helped fuel the lore of him. In the end, Colton faces a slew of larceny, robbery, larceny and evading charges (Nebraska has issued a warrant for his arrest). However, his theft of boats, cars and small planes keeps him out of the league of world criminals who eat liver with some broad beans and a good Chianti.

The list of Colton’s past alleged crimes includes the following:

June 1 – Astoria, Oregon – Boat and car theft

June 9: McMinnville, Oregon – Stolen car

June 10: Ontario, Oregon – stolen car

June 18 – Yankton, South Dakota – Stole car, allegedly broke into house, ate and showered, owner caught, Colton escaped

June 20 – Norfolk, Nebraska – Colton caught on surveillance tape, police say he stole another car and committed several robberies, including a restaurant and airport robbery.

June 24 – City of Dallas, Illinois – Police recover a car believed to have been stolen by Colton

Late June – Danville, Illinois – Police report Colton stole because he later drove to Bloomington, Indiana

July 4 – Colton is believed to have stolen a Cessna Corvalis from the Monroe County Airport and crashed off the coast of Abaco

July 5-7: The search continues for Colton Harris-Moore in the Bahamas. Includes the FBI and the Bahamas Police

2. Harris-Moore had a difficult childhood: By all accounts, Colton had a miserable childhood. The product of an alcoholic mother and father, Colton became a skilled outdoorsman, spending much time in the woods north of Seattle on Pugust Sound. His mother has often emphasized how difficult his childhood has been over the years, and indeed, Colton’s spree began with his escape after slipping out the window of a juvenile detention center. more than two years ago. Any judge or jury will surely take this into consideration.

3. Even some of Harris-Moore’s “victims” are supporting Harris-Moore: After Colton stole his $600,000 Cesna from John Miller, people urged him to Google “barefoot bandit”…and he did. Friends told Miller to Google Barefoot Bandit. “And there’s this baby face of a little boy who looks like he’s 12 years old.” Miller said that he began to soften. He read that Colton had had a difficult life, with an alcoholic mother and father. He’s still angry, but he also wonders how the boy did it. Bottom line… if Miller’s own victims go soft on the boy, chances are the judge or jury will too.

4. Harris-Moore already has well-known competent legal counsel: It wasn’t long after his arrest before the Barefoot Bandit had a well-known and competent entertainment lawyer at his side. Who needs a nice down payment to drop when the publicity this case will get is all O. Yale Lewis (a Seattle entertainment lawyer who has represented the likes of Courtney Love and the Jimi Hendrix family) is going to have to dive headfirst into this case . Fear not, as it looks like Bandit is in good hands defending him.

5. Let the entertainment offers start flowing: Part of the reason Harris-Moore’s mom got O. Yale Lewis is because the entertainment deals are already flowing. Colton’s mother, Pamela Kohler, says she needs a lawyer to handle her “entertainment” interests, and said she is working on a book deal about her son. Given Colton’s popularity, the book deal is just a springboard for bigger deals, interviews, and probably a movie about his exploits.

In the end, telling his unique story to the right people will finally give the Barefoot Bandit a good pair of shoes.

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