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Business Directory Listing is one of the best sources of free advertising for local businesses, according to Silent Seller, an internet marketing company that can make your website stand out. By doing business directory listings on multiple business directory sites, you can get more clients through website optimization. This should be part of your local internet marketing. The Silent Seller can provide you with photo uploads, video testimonials, and viral videos featuring your business.

One of the best ways to get free advertising today is through listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines that are fed by a Universal Business Listing for mobile information providers like Onstar, Telematics for In-Car GPS , 411 Listings, SuperPages. , Mapquest, FourSquare, Gowalla, AOL, and CitySearch, which provide basic business search listings that you can find on your mobile devices, such as Iphone, Blackberry, and Androids smartphones. The business-to-business listings in UBL are used as the basis for the underlying business directories. You can find local businesses when you are also searching the web at a variety of business directory locations, such as and Google Places.

It is important that you maintain a consistent business listing on Google and other web properties. It is a good idea to have the content of the list EXACTLY the same everywhere as in your Google Places (Maps) List and UBL List to achieve consistency in spelling and punctuation in the Universal Business List, since their linking and their ability from being found improve dramatically, especially for citations in local search which tend to allow you to rank higher, the more citations, testimonials and customer reviews you have.

Universal Business Listing gives your business the ability to include your business profile once, and then UBL will submit your business directory information to various local search engines such as Yahoo! Local, YellowPages, Super Pages, Google Places, in fact all the major online directories, search portals, data aggregators like Acxiom and Info USA, and the national 411 database. Unlike traditional business listings that require A business phone line, UBL allows you to list your online or part-time business, your cell phone, your website, and your email. Listing your site in many business directories ensures that the information in your local business directory is accurate, timely, and all you need to make your business visible on the Internet.

With this layout, you can get the best possible exposure for your company’s public business information and contact points. This includes full product and service description, locations, website URL, email contacts, certifications, and awards. UBL is perfect for those who need to have mobile phones listed in local and national 411 directory assistance.

Don’t waste all your time signing up for Search Engines, Portals and Online Yellow

Pages where you can get multiple business directory listings for free through an easily updated source. This is different from traditional printed yellow pages where companies are restricted in the type of information they can submit and, in turn, how it can be found (company name, address, phone number, fax number, URL and category) and restricted to annual publication. Successful local search online requires more multimedia and promotional and customer engagement opportunities to be provided.

Interactivity through reviews, videos, and photos is especially important when considering how online and mobile users search for local information and how local search algorithms work in search engines. Your ad becomes the information tool used by Yelp, City Search, Facebook Places, Zagats, and other location-based systems. That is the true value of a business directory listing.

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