Cyberspace and its complexities

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I believe I live in cyberspace as everything from my geyser to air conditioner to cell phone to car to coffee maker to food processor is powered by computer technology. From the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night, I am so incredibly surrounded by computers that I almost forget to realize they are computers.

Decades ago, cyberspace was in its embryonic stage and in reality it was difficult to understand, since its meaning was limited to the network of computers that virtually connected some organizations. But, the current scenario is completely different since each chain that connects us with another chain is connected by computers and the Internet. Be it a politician, a businessman, a common man, a bureaucrat or an ethicist, everyone is very affected by problems related to the Internet. The name given to these problems is cybersecurity problems.

Each habitat in this cyberspace faces different cybersecurity problems and the variety is so high that a single problem hardly ever goes viral enough for everyone to understand. There are many issues, questions and answers that the masses still do not understand. Therefore, we must be more knowledgeable and involved to understand more and think more about the new cyber threats that emerge almost every day in the cyberspace that we inhabit.

It really worries me, “if cyber anxiety between nations escalates over cyber security issues, privacy issues, and hacking issues, then there would be a devastating cyber war.” The possibility of a cyber war is so high that the cyber security business is expanding massively and so are special units of the army with cyber defense techniques. Cyber ​​threats have taken over our minds in such a way that we are willing to compromise our privacy.

If I can ever imagine cyber warfare, the only thing that comes to mind is:

Cyber ​​warfare would not be limited to armies fighting each other on the border or in the air, in fact it would be beyond that. The cyber-powerful country will hack into the tools of other nations that are used to establish the network and disable them, that is, the message encoding machines that are used to transmit the movement of troops and other vital information during the war would be destroyed, the channel of communication. , transportation and other crucial organizations will disappear.

In simpler words, victory will be the fate of a cyber-powerful country or there will be no victory because all space will stop.

What do we really need to understand?

The age of technology is advancing much faster than the human age. Every two days a new technology is born that leaves the previous ones behind. For example, there was a time when Roadrunner was the super-fast computer, but, within a few years, it was out of the supercomputer league as new technologies emerged with new possibilities. Years there were other supercomputers faster than Roadrunner. It was a week earlier when I started writing about Moto 360 and Asus Zen Watch, but finally when I thought about publishing it, I found out that LG Smartwatch was on the market with improved features. In this case, it was a matter of a few days and I had to think about rewriting the review. This is how technology advances at unimaginable speed and will continue to advance.

No one can really predict the future or the fate of cyberspace. The theories and trends that we believe in today may be staggeringly different in the near future. For example, plugged water evaporates with heat, but we never know where each evaporated water molecule actually goes and which water molecule will evaporate next. The only part of the theory that we know as of now is that it is heat that causes evaporation. There may be a lot more to know about it in the future.

So, it is the case with the facts and beliefs related to cyber security. We will never be able to predict the next threats and the sustainability of the security measures that are the best as of today. There are threats that we know about and there are threats that we know about that we don’t know about and then there are threats that are still unknown about cyber security.

Had we known such threats at the time of the creation of the computer world, the human race would have restricted its exposure to them. Well! this too would have been a fatal decision because there would have been something else that would have replaced the world of computing with its own blessings and curses.

Therefore, the most important thing is to develop a proper understanding and put into practice thoughtful responses towards each new possibility that cyberspace can offer us. In short, the inhabitants of the cyber world must be vigilant enough to manage and understand the risks that are complemented by its comforts and joys; this is exactly what we must understand.

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