Floral Arrangements That Are Pet-Friendly

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Floral Arrangements

Whether you’re ordering flowers for your own home or for gifting to a loved one, knowing which flower bouquets and plants are pet-friendly can save your furry friends from harm. Some flowers and plants contain compounds that, if ingested in large amounts by cats or dogs, can lead to gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, and even death.

To help you create a safe floral arrangements near me, we’ve compiled a list of the best non-toxic flowers that will add a touch of natural beauty without posing a risk to pets. These flowers are typically safe for dogs and cats (in moderation) as well as the rest of the household, including small children and the elderly.

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus): These cheery blooms are a non-toxic way to add color and a sunny vibe to any floral arrangement. Pair them with other pet-friendly flowers like daisies and eucalyptus for a bright, beautiful bouquet.

Floral Arrangements That Are Pet-Friendly

Lilies (Lily of the Valley): Although lilies are often used as a centerpiece or to add a romantic touch to a wedding bouquet, they should be avoided in homes with pets. Lilies can cause gastrointestinal issues in both cats and dogs, as well as abnormal heart function, tremors, seizures, or even death if ingested in large enough quantities.

Orchids (Orchidaceae): The exotic beauty of orchids makes for a lovely addition to any floral arrangement. These blooms are not toxic to dogs and cats, but keep in mind that the leaves and stems of some orchid species can be a choking hazard if chewed or swallowed.

Roses (Rosaceae): Classic red and white roses are always a favorite, but you can add an extra touch of pet-safe style to your floral arrangement by choosing only varieties that are safe for pets. Some rose varieties, such as tulips and peonies, are toxic to both dogs and cats, so be sure to read the label.

Other popular flower choices for arrangements include sunflowers, tulips, and snapdragons. These are all relatively safe for cats and dogs, but make sure to check the label when you’re buying pre-made bouquets. Many companies don’t disclose every single flower that went into their arrangements, and even non-toxic flowers can pose a risk if ingested in large quantities.

Keeping your pets safe is important, but it’s also crucial to keep them away from treats, wrappers, and ribbons. These items can be a choking hazard for your pets and can lead to intestinal blockages. Additionally, ensure that any bouquet or plant is placed somewhere where your pets can’t reach it, as they may still attempt to play with or eat the flowers and greenery in the vase, leading to broken glass and injuries. If your pets are especially curious, consider putting your floral arrangement in a decorative pot that can be secured to the wall or tabletop to prevent them from reaching the flowers.

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