Give with a full heart and an inquiring mind

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Background Check

Inquiring minds want to make sure their money is going to an organization that is trustworthy and puts their donation into services rather than administrative payments. Sometimes the smaller programs have a better track record than the giants. Check out any charity on one of these sites before compassionately giving away your hard-earned money:

  • Better Business Bureau Smart Giving Alliance
  • charity browser
  • Large non-profit organizations
  • StarGuide

Please note the following before making a donation:

  • Donate on a website instead or over the phone where a large portion of the donation goes to the middleman.
  • Beware of those who call you or ask you on the street for a donation in support of any first responder, be it police, sheriff, firefighters, or military.
  • Never make a cash donation to someone you don’t know.
  • Never make a credit card donation over the phone. Ask for the web address and donate there.
  • Did you donate by text message? Go to to get a donation receipt and know that it works with one-time donations that appear on a cell phone bill.

aim at your target

Think about how you want to support a charity. Go to the one you want and make a bigger contribution there instead of making a bunch of small donations scattered everywhere. A bigger difference is made this way. You can get better out of it. Sometimes all it takes is a donation to a cause that affects you personally. Donate to groups that have helped someone you know, your child’s school, or anywhere else you think will put your donation to work for those in need.

Your money, your time, your donation

It can be easy to pull out a credit card, and making an online donation is too large an amount to pay when your balance comes due. Instead, wait until the balance is paid off on a card, and then use it to make the donation in a more affordable amount. Then pay that off before the due date. The reason for this is explained in detail in a how-to article written by those who write regularly on money topics. Just know that keeping your credit report in tip-top shape is the key to getting a new home, job, or a higher credit limit, which in turn can lead to giving more in the following year. If money is an issue, why not clean out cabinets, drawers, and storage units for items that are no longer used? There are so many places that will carry clean clothing (adult or child), furniture, kitchen and household appliances and necessities, and food. These are as necessary as money and cheaper. Ask for a receipt if you believe the value of the items delivered is $250 or more. Save it and use it when you file your taxes. Keep all your charity receipts in one place so they’re easy to find before tax time. If all donations are made during the year, add all receipts with tax information.

Uncle Sam returns

You made smart contributions to favorite causes and included them when you filed your taxes. Now, Uncle Sam gives you back. Plan ahead and figure out how much you can contribute, and then do some math to find out how much the government will thank you for your dedication. But the real beauty of making a donation of time, goods, or money is how it makes you feel. breaking heart

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