Google AdWords: 6.25% Ctr, 9 clicks, 3 sales in 1 day

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I recently came across a niche product and decided to give it a try in AdWords. I also posted the following on the PPC Classroom forum forum.


First of all, I thought of some keywords by reading the website that I am going to promote. It’s important to think about these keywords from the buyers’ point of view.


I used the wildcard keyword search in Google Cash Detective 2.0 (GCD2) to find the most profitable Google ads, the number of searches per month on the keywords, and take a look at the competition.

Next, I used Google Insights and Google Trends to do my research. The main points to consider here are locations and search volume. I checked the search volume data against the GCD2 data and saw if it would be profitable to launch. Then I took a look at which countries have the highest search volume, up to which state. What I did was select the relevant keywords and placements and launch my campaigns.

campaign launch

I set up the 3 campaigns on different days.

First campaign: day 1, ran for 2 days, overlapped with day 2. 0.63% ctr. 3 keywords.

2nd campaign – day 2, ran for 1 day. 1.26% ctr. 3 keywords.

3rd campaign – day 3, ran for 1 day. 6.25% ctr. 2 keywords.

For the third campaign, I made 3 sales with 9 clicks. You may have noticed that the CPC is a bit high. But that’s just the first day of testing. I usually set the daily budget to around $20-$25 and the CPC to around $3. This is for testing the market.

I changed 1 keyword between the first 2 campaigns. Used 2 new keywords in the 3rd campaign.


Keywords -> Research -> Campaign. This is the method I always use to get a good click through rate (CTR). A good CTR means that there is traffic going to your link, which means a higher chance of the customer buying the products you are promoting. I will cover how to get low CPC in my future posts. Thanks for watching guys!

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