Homemade Soups: How Do I Make Soups For Diabetics?

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For millions of people, canned soup is simply not enough. This is especially true for those looking to follow a diet that is good enough for diabetics. When you or someone you know has this disease, it will be difficult to eat a variety of foods, especially when they are loaded with sugars and salt. Finding a good combination and balance of foods can be difficult, but it is not an impossible task. In fact, you will find that there are a variety of different things you can do, including learning how to make diabetic soups to make sure everything is okay with the nutritional content. The following steps will help you deliver on the promise of great taste, worry-free.

Get rid of the bullion cube

The first thing people look for when preparing a soup base is the bouillon cube. This is not good to go with it as it can be packed with salt and even MSG. It is much better to find a different solution, one that does not include sodium chicken or vegetable broth to use in your soup creations. You’ll also want to make sure it’s 100% organic and carefully watch the ingredients for added sugars or anything that can cause your caloric intake to increase exponentially. You will want to stick to this starting point, unless you are going to use a large amount of water and season the soups on your own, without the help of the salt in the broth.

Vegetables Stuffing Soup

When making soup, especially for those with diabetes, be sure to consider adding lots of vegetables. Vegetables, legumes, and more can add filling to any meal and no added sugars. You will have to be careful to select your mix carefully because not all items in the produce department of your grocery store will taste good together. Finding solutions that taste good is difficult, but not impossible. Finding a balance is all about how you want the end result to taste and what flavor profiles you want to add.

Lean, fat-free meats

Consider adding lean and fat-free meats. If you are using chicken, for example, avoid adding the skin and try to use breast meat. It is important not to add too much meat that is high in cholesterol or fat. That could mean you just need to add leaner cuts and maybe skip the meats together. Be selective about the type of meat to use if you are preparing soups in this category.

When in doubt, look for filling options like chili, casseroles, and even purees that can be very filling in the end. The process of learning how to make soup for diabetics is not difficult, however time consuming. You will want to avoid canned solutions or anything that relies too heavily on salt, sugar, and other elements that are not good for the body. Nutrition is very important here, so keep an eye out for labels and the different additions you are going to add to your mix.

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