How to move from darkness to the spotlight

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One of the most remarkable stories in the Holy Bible can be found in the book of Esther chapter 2: 1-16, where we witnessed the transformation of an orphan into a queen. It all started with the expulsion of Queen Vashti from the palace of Susa by King Ahasuerus. This story brings many positive lessons and encouragement for those who wish to be successful in life.

Every step you take will make or break your destiny

The path to greatness cannot be seen with physical eyes, but as we rely on the infallible guidance of the Holy Spirit, our paths become distinct and safe. That was exactly what happened to Esther when her uncle brought her from her hometown to Susa. It was a divine step that brought her closer to her destination.

If he hadn’t left his hometown at that material moment in time, someone else would have taken over his place. At each stage of our journey toward our desired goal in life, the need to absolutely trust God for direction cannot be compromised. I have seen people spend thousands of dollars to travel to foreign countries in search of greener pastures and all they got was repatriation.

Only God knows your beginning and your end

I have seen the poor become kings and kings become poor. God is the one who can lift and lift at the same time. He does this so that humanity knows that it has sovereign power over all creation. Who would have believed that an orphan would become a king’s favorite? It was simply impossible to believe, but with God nothing is impossible. He knows our end from our beginning.

God is always ahead of your enemies

It always amazes me whenever I see people spending hours casting demons and perceived enemies out of their life. Why worry about something that has already been taken care of? Almighty God has preceded our enemies and will frustrate all their plans regarding our lives!

Mordecai saw Esther as a threat to his evil plan and ambition and hatched an evil plan to eliminate the people of Israel. He never knew that his plan had already been laid out by God. The instrument of destruction that he built for Amman and his people was finally used to end his life.

When God favors you, men will favor you equally

God’s favor is a vital instrument for our accelerated progress in life. Favor will transform a nobody’s man into someone in a split second. Esther obtained God’s favor and when the time came for the beautiful maiden to appear before King Ahasuerus, she never bothered to make up her face with artificial beauty items. All that was brought into the palace was God’s favor that caused Ahasuerus to favor her over her contemporaries.

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