How would you choose the most suitable grout colors for the tiles?

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When planning constructions or working on renovations and additions, the choice of tiles plays an important role. The immense tile options and exotic designs and material mixes make it a very attractive option. Many homes and businesses look like a mosaic display! While homeowners and builders often spend hours painstakingly selecting different tiles for each room or section of the home or business, comparatively little attention is paid to grout materials and colors.

A hurried minute is spent making a final decision on grout colors. They deserve more attention when considering the important role that grouts play in the useful life of the tile. Tile maintenance also extends to the quality of the grout. In terms of appearance, the grout can blend in or stand out in a refreshing way. Lighter shades of grout would collect more visible dust and dirt and require more frequent cleaning.

Mapei’s grout chart for matching grout colors

Serene, traditional, natural, romantic, and glamorous are the five approaches featured in the Mapei grout board. Browns and greys, yellows, purples, blues and so many shades are shown for efficient color matching between tile and grout. If that seems complicated, visiting the tile design showroom would allow the staff to help with the color matching of the grout. The color and design consultant would help make the final decisions after pointing out the pros and cons. The software helps study the likely effects of grout colors versus tile colors and patterns after installation.

First, the tiles would be selected, and then a properly coordinating grout color would be selected. What do you think? Compared to tiles, would you go for lighter or darker joints? Perhaps the grouts, if dark, would outshine the tiles, while the opposite should be true. On the other hand, very light grouts easily pick up dirt. However, it is good to develop ideas about colors and how to combine them, effects and perception. Moods and feelings are created through the colors and patterns of the tiles, and also the colors of the grouts.

Get ready for the DIY task with the right materials

Instead of expensive professional workers, the task of installing the grout could be accomplished quite easily if you are interested in the correct materials on site. You would need a regular sponge and a large sponge. Don’t forget the grout trowel and dry cloth. Also, a thin dowel, a clean bucket, and a grout saw. Organize your item list in advance to avoid desperate searching at the last minute.

Follow a few additional tips to get the most out of your grout color scheme plan:

First of all, the color of the tile and the color of the grout need to be matched. Rarely do we come across a grout color that outshines the tile for contrast. A similar shade of grout as if the tile was red then orange and scarlet could be the colors of the grout. A neutral shade of grout works well, it fades and helps hide marks. If the tiles are white, avoid using a white grout as was done in the past. Today, a light gray grout would be best as it would hide imperfections and show off the white tile better.

Second, the secret to a bold look is a dark grout! Imagine installing dark grout around a white subway tile wall. The effect would be a bold, industrial retro look reminiscent of factories. The big advantage is certainly that a lot of dirt and stains are hidden from view. Kitchens and bathroom areas could use dark grout to great advantage. In terms of contrasts, dark tiles that have white grouts around them also show similar contrasting images.

Third, the quality of the grouting material is important. Just as it is with the quality of the tiles which can be decided by budgetary concerns, it is also the case with the quality of the grout. Both need to last a long time together. The finished pattern will depend on the quality of the tiles and grout. Mapei Ultra Color Plus grout and matching silicone are the products available here. The Italian product Mapei grout with BioBlock technology takes care of surfaces well. Mold does not grow in a humid environment. DropEffects technology prevents water ingress and Ultracolour Plus is highly durable and does not soil easily. Consistent color and fast drying make Mapei grout the best choice for quickly preparing floors and walls.

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