Modular kitchen in South Delhi

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Modular kitchen in South and East Delhi
Modular are by no means a new trend in India, especially in the cities. Nowadays, they have also become very common in smaller cities. There is an increasing number of people in North India who are choosing to have kitchens in their homes, especially in the areas around NCR and Chandigarh. Most of the families have preferred a couple of dealers in and around Faridabad.
Now for beginners, let’s talk about why your family should choose a modular kitchen and not a ‘civilian kitchen’ that might have been part of a new home you bought or plan to buy. If you already have a home of your own, should you really consider upgrading your civilian kitchen to a modular one? Is it really about the look of the kitchen or is comfort an important factor? The following points will help you put things in perspective.
The basic structural difference between a civil kitchen and a modular kitchen is that in a civil kitchen, the countertop is made first and the cabinets are built below; while in a kitchen the boxes are made first and then the countertop is placed on top of them. Because of this, the boxes in a civil kitchen must be built with the structural constraint of space. This could lead to problems with the lineups. The number and design of possible accessories and accessories also becomes limited. In kitchens, the space can be designed first with fixtures, fittings and custom requirements and then the boxes can be designed to fit the created space.
In a civilian kitchen, the manual work required is much higher than in a modern kitchen. You will have to rely heavily on the carpenter for a civilian kitchen. For a modular one, most of the accessories are machine made. Since the countertop slab is made on a cemented structure in a civil kitchen, the thickness of the slab is usually 100mm to 150mm. This thickness is reduced to 20 mm or 40 mm in the case of modular designs. Also, the space under the worktop in a civilian kitchen may not be the required benchmark of 800mm in a civilian kitchen, so standard brand name fixtures may not fit properly.
Most of the kitchen cabinets in India are made of waterproof plywood, cut into appropriate sizes and joined to form a unit with shutters/drawers. It usually includes 5 sides (left, right, bottom, top, and back) that make up the storage. If you have planned structures that are assembled side by side (base units, wall units, columns, etc.). Each unit is called a module and hence the term modular kitchen.
The kitchen is an empty room and the designer is free to create a unique design in collaboration with the housewife. The design possibilities are endless and interesting. The people of North India, especially around Delhi and Punjab, are known to be particular about spaces, designs and interiors. Therefore, dealers in Faridabad and the rest of NCR are interested in developing new and modern offerings for the modern urban homemaker.

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