New Jersey employment attorneys

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A labor lawyer works in two ways. Represents the employer as well as the employee. As the employee’s employment attorney, the attorney may review the employment contract and negotiate and propose additional terms or waivers to protect the employee’s interests. He also works to negotiate severance or retirement packages. If you believe you have been discriminated against, treated unfairly, or unfairly fired, an employment attorney can guide you in your rights as an employee and your options. Additionally, an employment attorney represents you in various situations, such as overtime pay claims, sexual harassment in the workplace, employment discrimination, and family leave law.

As an employer, you always need the services of an attorney. Although as an employer you can be adept at handling most employment matters, some matters are particularly complicated and difficult to handle without the help of an employment attorney. An employment attorney keeps you up-to-date on rapidly changing laws, which can be difficult to interpret and understand on your own. An employment attorney can quickly review and resolve any employment-related agreements that you routinely use with your workers, such as employment contracts, severance or release agreements, and can review an employee handbook or personnel policies to ensure legal compliance. Additionally, attorneys protect you from violating any laws regarding overtime pay, family leave, late pay checks, or occupational health and safety, to name a few. An employment attorney can also guide you through tough decisions, such as whether firing a worker is legal and what steps you can take to minimize the risk of a lawsuit. Generally, an employment lawyer specializes in representing the employee or the employer; it cannot represent both at the same time.

Labor laws vary from state to state, so it is always an advantage to hire an employment attorney who is well versed and experienced in handling employment cases in a particular state. In a state like New Jersey, where there are strict codes of ethics for both employer and employee, the role of a business attorney becomes even more important. To find an employment lawyer in New Jersey, contact your state bar association and search for a reference, check the online directory or yellow pages, or go to a lawyer recommended by your friends and family.

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