Penny Stocks to Buy and Hold: Which Ones to Consider?

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One of the main concerns of any penny stock trader is which penny stocks to buy and hold. There are many thousands of penny stocks on the market, and the fact that these stocks do not have all the usual information and extensive trading history available to them can make your research a bit more difficult. There are some quality micro stocks that can be a great addition to any investment portfolio, provided you put in the time and effort to find the best stocks and companies listed on the pink sheets. A highly recommended choice is Generex Biotechnology Corp., Pink symbol: GNBT. Generex shares have had great trading performance and volume that is above average. The company specializes in the research and development of drug delivery systems and technology, and recent news of a breakthrough has created a lot of interest in this action.

ABOT Mining Corp., ticket PINK: ABOT, is another top penny stock to buy and hold. ABOT Mining is a company that discovers, acquires, develops, produces and markets properties that offer precious and semi-precious metals. Recent news about a partnership with Mexican mining company Rising Star SA de CV has caused the price of this share to rise. Another possible penny stock to buy and hold is Alternative Energy Partners Inc., symbol PINK: AEGY. This investment option offers a portfolio of shares in some of the leading energy solutions companies of all sizes, but trades for less than a penny per share. If expectations for this company are met, the future share price could be much higher.

Evergreen Energy Inc., OTC Symbol – EVEI is another energy company voted one of the best penny stocks to buy and hold by many energy experts. Although the price of this stock has come down a bit, the trading volume is high and the outlook for the company is still considered strong. Viral Genetics Inc., symbol PINK: VRAL, is another popular choice for investors who want stocks with a long-term outlook. The company holds more than 60 patents and develops drug therapies, and is considered a strong pick by many investors. Penny stocks often have fluctuating prices, even those stocks that are considered to be strong and of high quality. Small fluctuations are not a cause for concern in most cases.

Penny stocks to buy and hold have a few factors in common, and the stocks listed here are just a few of the many options available on this market. Penny stocks are not right for everyone and if you are going to put your capital into these stocks it is important that you research each company as thoroughly as possible. These stocks are not listed on major exchanges and may not have all the information you want available before making a decision. Look at the underlying company to determine the outlook for a penny stock rather than focusing solely on price movements. This will help you determine if the company is solid and legit or just another stock scam that flies at night.

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