Salisbury Wiltshire Guide, What’s Up, Where and How

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Salisbury is a friendly market town on the edge of the New Forest and has many picturesque towns and a world famous cathedral.

Dozens and dozens of historical attractions abound in a region steeped in history. Ancient architecture and a lot of charm in this cozy city. Despite the fact that Stonehenge is also located nearby on Salisbury Plain. The ancient Wardour Castle dating back over 700 years and the Wilton Carpet Factory dating back over three hundred years! Add to this Salisbury Cathedral, probably the best example of its kind and age in Britain today, at almost 800 years old. There are many interesting things to see and do here.

Salisbury is a well-balanced city for its size, for its nightlife and has a couple of decent clubs. It is well equipped for a small English town. The atmosphere is welcoming and of surprising variety. Ideal for low-key stag and hen parties and socially acceptable for nightlife enthusiasts. There is also a strip club, for those who are interested in this type of evening. There is a small selection of good bars along the main street and Salisbury also has its own theater and another smaller theater that I couldn’t find out much about this one.

An activity list as long as an andrex roll, as this city has more than its fair share of activities Ballooning, boating, bowling, movie theaters, dancing, hang gliding, microlight, paragliding, skydiving, sports, lots of activities for kids, paintball, theaters, pool halls, pool clubs, water sports and zorbing. To name just a few close ones.

Restaurants are like activities, this city has an excellent selection for its size and there are plenty of tasty and good value meals of all descriptions. All the restaurants here seem to have a more relaxed atmosphere than in any other city and this seems to add to the atmosphere. I enjoy eating out in Salisbury as much as anywhere else in Dorset. There is a cheap pub called Hungry Horse on the outskirts of Salisbury where you will find the best value cheap eats in Salisbury. It also has a lively atmosphere and is suitable for families. My best advice in Salisbury.

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