save the money baby

Ever wonder how people can have so many clothes, so many accessories, and more shoes than they can wear in a year without wearing twice? We secretly envy them and at the same time wonder what their secret is.

His clothes are clearly in excellent condition, with no signs of wear anywhere. You can’t label them an “outfit repeater” because try as you might, you can’t think of a time when you’ve seen them wear the same outfit twice. How they did it?

The truth is, with the exception of a few, they probably didn’t inherit a huge amount of money and probably have a mediocre job just like you and me. Bills? They have them too, I’m sure. Again, HOW do they do it?

With a little time invested instead of cash, you can look stylish with money in your pocket like these people we often envy. Every time we need (or convince ourselves that we need) something, we run to the mall with a buy, buy, buy mentality. We don’t think twice and the thought of saving a couple of bucks rarely (if ever) crosses our minds because we’ve already determined that we NEED to buy everything we can find and can afford (right now).

What most people don’t know is that stores always offer some kind of discount or savings for the item you were so willing to pay full price for. Seeing a sale at a five percent discount isn’t all that appealing because it doesn’t even cover the cost of the taxes you’d pay on the item. Ten percent is a little but more, but still not enough for us to go out of our way to take advantage of that savings, right?

As the old saying goes, a little really does go a long way! In Seattle, the sales tax is an outrageous nine percent. Looking at my receipt for a purchase the other day, I was charged $3.32 in sales tax on a $36.94 purchase. That’s the cost of a great vanilla latte at Starbucks that I had to give up just to cover the cost of taxes! Imagine making purchases like this every day for a week. If he just took advantage of those ten percent savings, he could have saved $25.86…and that’s just a week from now with a ten percent discount! Imagine twenty, thirty, fifty, or seventy-five percent off sales. Just imagine!

The next time you decide to rush to the nearest mall, do a quick three-minute search to find the latest deals, discounts, and coupons. There are SO MANY out there that most people don’t know about them. And if they are aware of the savings, they just don’t take the time to worry because they see it as “not worth it.” For those of us who have more value for a dollar, it’s definitely worth it. You will be surprised what you can find! You don’t even have to give up your love of designer labels or the latest fashion trends because these savings are everywhere and for everything!

Many of America’s favorite stores have coupons that you can print off the Internet and use in stores. Most other stores have coupons and promotional codes that can be used online. Some have opted to sell online only, but don’t be put off by shipping charges because seventy percent of the time, stores offer free shipping with purchases…and you wouldn’t even have to spend your time and money driving and gas to get to them They bring you your savings!

After constantly searching for coupons and upsells, I am very impressed and amazed at some of the deals I have found. The shirts are only a couple bucks each…and they haven’t been worn yet. Most of the things I’ve found are better deals than can be found at thrift stores, and you may be the first and original owner of those items.

So the next time you see a repeater without an outfit or someone with so many clothes that you secretly admire, leave the envy and do what they probably do. Do your research and find out how you can save forty bucks on the designer jeans you want and use that money on a dressy blouse for your date on Friday night. See how quickly your wardrobe can expand!

Shopping is happy and guilt-free when you’re saving!

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