The benefits of shea body butter

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Shea Body Butter is an all-natural skincare ingredient used to hydrate skin without clogging pores. It is a derivative of African shea, which comes from the shea nut tree found only in Africa. The tree produces fruits, each of which contains a nut. Shea is extracted from the nut and its result is a yellowish cream that hydrates and heals the skin. The fatty acids found in shea extract make it an exceptional ingredient for skin care products.

Shea body butter is found in moisturizers, soaps, and lotions because it is rich in vitamins A, F, and E. Vitamins A and E keep skin hydrated and healthy, while vitamin F works as a rejuvenator and restores damaged skin. Shea butter contains cinnamic acid that protects the skin from harmful UV rays to prevent damage such as wrinkles or burns. Shea body butter has also been recognized for decreasing the visibility of stretch marks and is found in many anti-aging creams due to its ability to deeply hydrate the skin while allowing pores to breathe.

Below are additional benefits that shea body butter can have for the skin:

* Relief of dry skin

* Dry scalp

* Skin rash, including diaper rash

* Peeling of the skin, after tanning

* Itchy skin due to dryness


* Small skin wounds

* Cracks in the skin

* Softens hard skin on feet (especially heels)

* Ice cold cock

* Insect bites

* Muscle fatigue, aches and pains

* minor burns


* Protection against sun and wind

* Even skin tone

* Reduce scars

* Eliminates scalp irritation from dryness or chemical processing

* Prevention of bumps after shaving

* Acne reduction (especially in combination with African Black Soap)

* Helps restore skin elasticity.

* Skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak

Ideally, Class A is the most beneficial class of shea butter for the benefits listed above, while Class F is the worst quality shea butter and may not cure all of the same problems as Class A. The best kind of shea body butter for your skin is the kind prepared by cold-press methods without the use of added chemicals or preservatives.

Shea body butter substitutes are not likely to give you the same results as all natural shea body butter. Noticeable results from natural shea body butter sometimes take time. A consistent routine and patience are the key to seeing great results with shea body butter. Skin care concerns such as itchiness are relieved immediately, but wrinkles and stretch marks are usually reduced within four to six weeks.

There are many other skin care products that claim to have the same benefits as shea body butter, but contain harmful chemicals that can further damage your skin. Shea Body Butter is a natural skin care ingredient; therefore, it rarely causes an allergic reaction. Many other moisturizers and soaps contain perfumes to create a particular scent, and this causes some people to have an allergic reaction. Even the leading moisturizers contain natural ingredients like sunflower oil, but they often also include different alcohols, which only further dehydrate the skin.

Most of the use of Shea comes from chocolate manufacturers. The amount of shea used for cosmetic products is a small fraction of the annual shea harvest, but it is vital for skin care products; offering unique properties hard to find in most body lotions. To receive the full benefits of shea body butter, look carefully at the ingredients to make sure you are getting a natural ingredient that offers the best results.

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