The power of eye contact

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On the last day of a recent “Bad Boy With A Heart” boot camp here in Sarasota, Florida, I took my students to The Tiki Bar for lunch. We all sat at the bar. I was at the end. I do this on purpose. I always feel in the best place… the place that really separates me from everyone else. So if a girl walks by, I get to make eye contact with her…which opens up the possibility of getting to know her.

About 10 minutes after we sat down, a group of 3 girls and 2 guys walked to the other end of where the students were sitting at the bar. One of the girls was super cute. My student sitting at the end started to go against everything we were talking about all weekend. She fell into her old way of thinking (what the “community” taught her) and started throwing opening lines and jokes at the girl next to her.

I’ve been watching him completely screw up this interaction the whole time…shaking my head. The girl he was talking to was also shaking her head.

Meanwhile, he was making eye contact with the super cute girl behind them. After her group ordered their drinks, they walked over to a table and sat down. A super cute girl conveniently positioned herself where she could see me so we could still have eye contact. Her classmates sat in places where I couldn’t see them from my seat.

I continued to make eye contact with a super cute girl. A few minutes passed. Then one of the guys in the group came up to me and said that her sister was talking about me and she wanted to meet me. (The power of eyes at work!) I talked to him for a few minutes…just chilling like I always do…not jumping around or getting excited (which most guys would do). I acted like I didn’t really care to meet her. As we talked, my coaches led the students into the seminar room. I stayed behind.

Once they were gone, the brother called his sister and everyone else came over to the bar. I walked over and started talking to a super cute girl…who she had been constantly making eye contact with as she talked to the guy. It was so simple. I said, “So you wanted to meet me, huh?” as he looked into her eyes…without thinking of anything else. Instant connection.

Then one of the other girls asked me if I knew that guy across the bar. I said, “Yes, he is a friend of mine. Why?” Everyone laughed. She started talking about the pickup lines he was using with her. She went on to tell me what she said, but I honestly don’t remember what it was.

She said, “Wow! Now, I’ve heard them all!”

I laughed along with them. So the girl I was talking to asked me to go hang out with them at a party. Obviously, I couldn’t because I had to go back to training camp. So I told him I had to go. She offered me her number. I said, “Here, I’ll write mine. Call me if you want to hang out.”

The point is that while everyone is sitting down and eating like they normally do, I’m picking up women… like I normally do. There were no stupid pickup lines. There was no approach anxiety. (Hell, there wasn’t even a close-up!) There was no frustration or negative thoughts in my head. It was purely natural… the way I always know women.

You can pick up women like that all the time. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing… as long as you’re aware, relaxed, calm and comfortable with yourself. But above all… you’re having a good time wherever you are.

With my instruction, my student who messed up the interaction since stopped using those lines by internalizing the correct magnetic mindset and has improved immensely. He realized that this is not the way.

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