What are the current trends in AI video generator technology?

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current trends in AI video generator technology

Video is a powerful tool for brands to showcase their story, product or service. However, producing a high-quality video takes time and expertise. The process of putting together a script, sourcing footage and editing everything to perfection can consume enormous chunks of a team’s workday. This is where AI video editor tools can help slash the amount of time it takes to go from idea to MP4.

ai video editor technology democratizes the production process, allowing anyone with a web browser and an internet connection to create high-quality videos that would have otherwise been reserved for those with specialized knowledge and expensive software. This helps marketers and creatives create more content with less effort, increasing the value of their output without adding extra man-hours to the process.

Recent technological advancements in Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and the emergence of autonomous agents have driven a significant shift in AI-enabled video generation. This transformation is enabling organizations to create innovative marketing campaigns and immersive experiences, transcending traditional boundaries in visual storytelling and engagement.

What are the current trends in AI video generator technology?

In addition to accelerating the speed and scale of video creation, AI-enabled video generation technology can also improve the quality of final products. For example, GANs can be used to generate realistic animations that can be inserted into real-world footage. This allows marketers to produce videos that can be used in a variety of marketing channels, including social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

One of the key strengths of AI video editors lies in their ability to analyze and understand visual content. Advanced algorithms can detect key elements within a video such as faces, objects, motion patterns, and even emotions expressed by the subjects. This level of comprehension allows AI editors to make intelligent decisions regarding scene selection, pacing, and transitions, significantly reducing the time required for manual editing.

Moreover, the use of GANs in augmented reality and virtual reality applications can provide more engaging experiences for consumers by generating holographic images that are overlayed on the user’s view of the world. This can be particularly useful in the retail industry, where customers can virtually try on clothing and products.

The latest in generative AI video tools like Runway and Visla take this a step further by enhancing existing footage with advanced image-processing features, such as masking, motion tracking, super slow-motion, object recognition and auto color correction based on scene context. Additionally, they can recommend edits that will resonate best with a given platform’s audience.

Runway has been at the forefront of publicly available AI video editing with its Gen-1 update, which restyles videos by replacing backgrounds and adding text to the footage. With its photorealistic scenes of charging woolly mammoths and a couple strolling through falling cherry blossoms, the results are stunning. Its Gen-2 update is expected to eliminate the need for a reference video and could eventually let you turn any clip into a Claymation short.

Another notable feature of these tools is their ability to recognize and learn a user’s style over time, enabling the program to suggest edits that align with the person’s vision. This type of personalized support is essential, especially for teams that are new to using an AI video editor. To make sure you’re investing in the right video editor, look for one that has a comprehensive academy and an active community where you can get answers to your questions.

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