What Does Cocaine Do to Your Body?

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What Does Cocaine?

There are several effects that you might want to know about when you hear the term “what does cocaine do to your body.” If you have never heard about the side effects of this drug, you might want to take a moment and realize how dangerous it can be. The question then becomes, why is it so dangerous? Cocaine is not just a “party drug” – it is an illegal narcotic that destroys the internal organs of users, as well as their central nervous system.

Cocaine quickly enters the blood stream and travels through the entire body within two to four hours. Its effects rapidly build up from the circulatory and nervous systems all the way to the brain. Within a matter of a few days, the user may experience tremors, impaired judgment, extreme anxiety, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, and a very serious loss of coordination. It is important to remember that the effects of cocaine – if cocaine were made legal – would be far worse than they are. With long term use, cocaine users can experience heart disease, strokes, fatal heart attacks, and an increased risk of diabetes. That is why even recreational users need to be monitored regularly.

There are some common long term effects of cocaine use that people tend to remember. Unfortunately, for some people the damage is longer lasting than the short term effects. This is because cocaine has the potential to damage the very tissues in the body that it uses on. Cocaine is often used as a date rape drug – a weapon of choice for predators who know that the victim will be unable to defend himself.

What Does Cocaine Do to Your Body?

For a long term user of cocaine, the cocaine crystal solidifies the damage that it causes to the body. Over time, the patient suffers from kidney and liver damage. The heart deteriorates, and the liver slowly loses its ability to work. The cocaine in the system simply runs down the walls of the body.

In addition to the potentially devastating long-term effects of cocaine, there is also a frightening short term effect of use. Users may experience euphoria for a short period of time after using cocaine. The euphoria wears off, and their ability to think properly fades away. Some may become completely paranoid. These extreme reactions, along with the damage that cocaine has on the body, make rehabilitation all but impossible.

Before considering what does cocaine do to your body, consider that you have a life to live. If you are not rehabilitating, you are risking your health. If you use cocaine, you risk losing your sight, losing your sense of reason, losing your memory, and losing your social skills. A life is too short to suffer from prolonged addiction.

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