What if he doesn’t ask for your name?

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Let’s say you are talking to a woman you just met. The conversation is going well and everything seems to be going your way. Then when you ask her for her name, she tells you, but she doesn’t ask for yours. Does this mean that she is not interested in you?

Scenarios like this may scare some men, but they really shouldn’t. It could just mean that she forgot to ask, or she’ll ask for your number later anyway, or worst-case scenario she’s not really interested in you. But even the worst case scenario is not so bad when you realize one thing.

When dating a new girl, her approval or interest in you should be the last thing on your mind. This is because when you secretly want to please her, she will feel it, and that will make her suspicious. Believe me when I say that women can smell despair and approval seeking from a mile away.

So keep this in mind: when it comes to meeting women, you don’t need to get their approval. In fact, whether he likes you or not shouldn’t even be a problem.

This type of mindset will show that you are a confident guy who doesn’t really care what other people think. This image is VERY sexy to women, even sexier than looks and money, and if you have it, they will definitely want to know more about you.

Gaining this kind of confidence is not easy and often takes a lot of practice. But you can start by not being intimidated by any woman, especially the attractive ones. When you can feel comfortable with these women and you don’t really care what they think of you, it means that you are already well above the competition.

If you need help gaining this kind of confidence, then it might help to get into the dating scene with some of your friends. These “partners” will help you learn the right types of body language and words that radiate confidence, and they can help you develop your own inner game.

Of course, to begin with, make sure the friends you date are really good with women. If you enter the dating scene with a bunch of cowards who don’t know anything about women and dating, they might screw things up for you.

If you don’t have friends who know the dating game, then of course, FIND SOME. No matter how, just find a few. You will only learn to be confident with women from men who not only speak what they speak, but do as well.

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