A Paltalk Scene Review and Is it Family Friendly?

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Paltalk Scene is the website for almost endless video and voice chat. This site allows you to explore virtually all topics and chat with people in thousands of chat rooms. If you’re serious about chatting, then you’ll be in pig heaven.

This is a free service that allows your family to video chat with all your friends on Yahoo, AOL and ICQ! The friend lists of these accounts can be imported automatically.

To locate the chat room of your choice, search by topic, language, or keyword.


Available parental controls use a password to change settings or block groups. You’ll be pleased to know that adult material is hidden by default and that all rooms are moderated. It can include room ratings of G, R, and A, and safe conversation for kids is guaranteed.

If you right-click on a person’s name, you’ll see how much personal information the member wants to share. Upgrades include screening rooms for online video sharing, Rhapsody music sources, and multiplayer games.

What makes this program really interesting is the way it combines text, audio, and video into one integrated environment, and here’s a surprise: how much of this service PalTalk offers for free.

If all you want to do is write or use the audio features. PalTalk is free. Sure, there are some ads, but the only popups we’ve experienced are on login and logout. All your friends can set up a 24-hour chat room, which you manage yourself. This is ultimate friends talking to friends, talking to friends, etc.

There are currently more than 4,600 groups listed in the public directory. Many are created by members, who can grant administrative privileges to other members and remove people who step out of line. It is also possible to create private rooms by invitation only.

Find an existing chat group or create your own!

Some of today’s chat groups are:

Internationals make new friends
Nicotine Recovery Voices
Our friends from Oklahoma
Truth Seekers Adoption
Australian Genealogy
Black History University
4X Traders

The purpose of this short list is to assure parents that Paltalk is a very safe and interesting website that can help both parents and children better understand our world. By opening the lines of communication, we can better understand mundane situations and how people deal with those same situations.

This is by no means just a kids’ site. This is a family friendly site where many adults of all ages find various groups interesting and stimulating.

Of course, if you watch where your kids go online, it’s no different than checking out local movies to determine which ones are age-appropriate.

Paltalk Scene is a place where your kids can learn and be entertained while you comfortably watch from the sidelines.

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