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Did you feel the need to tell me you were gay?

A few years ago, I developed a close friendship with someone, and although they had been with members

Create a successful space: a time and place for productivity

Do you have high priority activities that are not happening? Worried about them getting done, but can

2013 NFL Week 11 Review: The Best Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Running Backs of All Time

WEEK 11 REVIEW The battle for #1 in the AFC West was fought between the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs

The National Family Island Regatta – The World’s Largest Sailing Event

Every year, for four days only, the best sailors from all the main islands of the Bahamas gather in E

Titanic – A Love Story Movie Review

‘Titanic’ is a love story that captures the romance of two young lovers as the tragedy of

What is quantum computing?

What happens if you throw a tennis ball at a brick wall? What happens if you hit a hundred tennis bal

Wild fires in the west, the season is upon us: here’s my 11-step plan

Wild fires in the west, the season is upon us, I have been reading about the fires in Utah, Arizona a

Effective 7-Step Strategic Planning Process

This TQM article provides an overview of a typical Strategic Planning Process that was used in variou

Common household signs that your child may be high

Do you ever find your pens missing? What happened to those big plastic bottles you thought you tossed

5 Reasons To Focus On Inner Thigh Exercises With Your Pilates & Fitness Workouts

If I asked you to “name the parts of your legacy”, what would you list? quads? Hamstrings