Is HEM ankle rehab a miracle cure?

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Sorry to disappoint you, but no, it’s not. It simply uses science to improve an outdated ankle treatment system. Most of the people read about Hem ankle rehabilitation and think that it is impossible to speed up the recovery of our body. After an injury, in this case an ankle injury, a period of rest can give the body time to heal. While the body is equipped to handle injury and heal itself, with modern science and knowledge, we can help the body recover more quickly. Like curing diseases, losing weight or anything else that we help our natural healing process, it’s not a miracle, it’s just being smart. HEM Ankle Rehabilitation is not about taking pills or a revolutionary new alternative to RICE. The most important thing about HEM ankle rehabilitation is that it focuses on the rehabilitation of the injured area. After a 48 hour period, RICE becomes ineffective and may actually be detrimental to recovery. Scar tissue forms in the area that can leave the joint stiff and prone to reinjury. HEM ankle rehab involves getting fresh blood into the sprained ankle, which can remove scar tissue and blood clots. It is also about moving and exercising the joint to increase flexibility, strengthen it, and therefore protect it against reinjury.

A few months ago I sprained my ankle running. It wasn’t anything I needed to see a doctor about, but it was bad enough that I couldn’t walk for two days. I was getting ready to move to a new apartment across town and decided I didn’t need a moving truck (so I could save some money). However, after my injury I didn’t know what I was going to do. My friends had jobs, I hadn’t called the moving company, and I didn’t have a car. She had to make those few cab rides count or she’d be spending more on cab fares than on the moving company. I need a way to recover fast, so I searched the internet for ways to shorten the recovery time for sprained ankles. Almost all the sites said there was nothing they could do. He could only rest and let it heal itself over time. I didn’t have time. The 48-hour RICE period had already passed, and I wasn’t feeling well sitting at home stressing about the move. So with some skepticism, I bought the HEM Ankle Rehab Treatment eBook. I think we are all skeptical about the things we buy online. But I thought it was worth a try for $20, and there was a money-back guarantee.

It was great. The instructions were clear and there were color pictures to follow. I spent the next two days following the advice of Scott Malin (the designer of the HEM ankle rehab) and within three days (a total of 5 from the time of injury) I was walking normally and able to move on my own: carrying bags, climbing stairs, getting on and off taxis etc. I could not believe it. Some people don’t recover from a sprained ankle for months, and I was moving house after 5 days (which is great for my grade 2 ankle injury)!

I’ll be honest, I still found my ankle tight and a bit sore, it wasn’t until a few more days that I didn’t feel any pain walking, and two weeks before that I was running, but maybe my degree of sprain was more severe. Regardless, when I consider the money I could have spent on medical bills, physical therapists, time off work, or just the things I could have lost sitting at home with a sprained ankle, I know the $20 I spend on HEM ankle rehab it was worth it. After all, time is money and the faster you recover, the faster you can get back to your normal life.

You might enjoy watching Oprah with her ankle in the air, passing the minutes until your body heals itself. For me, I like to take action and get on the road to rehabilitation with HEM Ankle Rehab.

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